Weaver K4 Rebuilt; A Higher Purpose.

A Savage 99F sporting a VintageGunScopes.com remanufactured Weaver K4 with standard blue finish.  $399

A Savage 99F sporting a VintageGunScopes.com remanufactured Weaver K4 with standard blue finish. $399

I believe that the Weaver K4 holds a special place in more hunters’ hearts than any riflescope that has ever been made.  After WWII, the Weaver plant re-opened its doors to commercial production.  Yes, you read that right.  They closed down commercial production during the war to focus 100% of their efforts on making sure there would be a non-socialist, non-communistic free world.  Back then, it was common for companies to support the war effort and virtually everyone alive on the planet had just lived the fact that communism/socialism is an oppressive, evil form of government, full of grand promises of equality preached from the eloquent mouths of wolves in sheep’s clothing…..I digress.

During the time that Weaver was closed for the war effort, many manufacturing and technological improvements were made to Weaver scopes.   The general hunting/shooting public was about to receive the benefits of those years of intensive focus on optics made for a higher purpose.

Right out of the gate Weaver began building scopes with 1” tubes, replacing, for the most part, the 3/4” or 7/8” predecessors.  And, instead of the common 2.5 or 3x scopes, they unveiled their first 4 power scope, the fixed-power Weaver K4.  In one form or another the K4 would remain in the Weaver lineup until the closing of the plant in 1984.  The early K4s, built from 1947 to 1955, are a symbol of quality, simplicity, durability, reliability and brute force.  When I took apart my first one and looked at the components I instantly knew that this was a scope for forever.  It would be a pleasure to make sure this scope is one that continues to be available for collectors and shooters in pristine and functional condition.


To introduce the remanufactured K4 to the world we started with all 100% original Weaver scopes.  That meant purchasing hundreds of scopes in order to have the parts to guarantee 100% Weaver for every finished product.  These scopes are NOT reproductions!  It would be impossible to reproduce  these scopes today at anywhere near an affordable price.  They were built too well. 

The recipe for the remanufacture would be simple.  100% Weaver parts but with modern glues, seals, and lubricants to guarantee a scope that performs better in the field.  Each scope is completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned and has had any questionable parts replaced.  They are sanded and re-blued.  Each is nitrogen processed with a 1-year no fog guarantee.  Finally, a fit and finish that gives the collector some options.  We polish the brass retainer rings at each end for a high end look and to show off the quality of materials used in the scope.  We love the look but if you want one with antiqued brass like they were originally produced, you can call us and we’ll do that too.  We also give the option of some color case hardened accents by Turnbull Restorations for those that really want to add some pop to their vintage build.  Finally, the reticle offerings include standard crosshair, plus upgrades to all of the vintage Weaver reticules; target dot, rangefinding and post crosshair.  The only finish we left undone is the adjustment block.  Though they are cleaned and rebuilt when necessary, we like the look of the aluminum block with whatever edge wear it had as well as any discoloration it may have gained.


We think that these rebuilt/remanufactured K4’s need to be placed back on the Savage 99’s, Winchester Model 70’s and the like from back in the good old days.  We are proud to be the ones giving vintage gun enthusiasts the opportunity to own a like-new condition, better-than-new functionality, legendary and iconic Weaver K4 scope for their vintage rifle.