What makes a VGS scope different?


Our Guarantees:

-Nitrogen purged (post 1950 models)
-Fog-free guarantee* (post 1950 models)
-Form and function guarantee*

At Vintage Gun Scopes we believe that the second amendment is the one that guarantees the others. We also believe in the wisdom of those who crafted the framework of our republic. We believe that every American should honor those heroes who fought and died for our freedoms and none of us should ever take it for granted.

But on the lighter side, we believe vintage guns and scopes are fun. They remind us of our youth. They remind us of dear hunting and shooting friends and simpler times.

That’s why we are committed to keeping those vintage guns and scopes alive and well for you and the next generations. We search through thousands of scopes every month and identify the best ones for the next generation of vintage scope lovers. But we don’t stop there. We grade every scope for cosmetics and functionality. If the seal has failed we disassemble, interior clean, collimator check and nitrogen purge. If the scope you receive does not match the grade we gave it, return it prior to mounting for exchange or refund. If your post 1950 scope fogs internally, send it back within one year for a free nitrogen purge.

So whether you are looking for a boxed scope for a collection, or a scope for your special vintage firearm, a great period correct look or even to shoot, rest assured the scope you purchase from Vintage Gun Scopes will be exactly what we say it is.

James Brion